Our story started back in 1990.

Established in 1990 under the original name Jono’s, our restaurant's journey is as rich and heartwarming as the flavors we infuse in our dishes.

Our founder

Our founder, Jon "Jono" Bot, embarked on a mission to create a community-oriented space that was less a restaurant and more a gathering spot for friends, families, and visitors to come together. With the blueprint of his father’s legacy, the beloved Bot Drug Store in Luverne, Jono's venture started with dreams of Italian pasta but soon transformed into a relaxed sports bar vibe that genuinely reflected his own cheerful and welcoming personality. 

The walls of Botski's are covered with memories that date back to its days as Jono’s - a tribute to the decades of joy, companionship, and delectable food. It’s a history punctuated by the iconic JonoFest, an outdoor music tradition that captured the heart of our community, drawing crowds by the thousands for local music and festivities.

Legacy in the making

After a brief period exploring other opportunities, Jono returned to his roots in east Sioux Falls. Dean-O’s Grille was renamed as Botski’s, in honor of Jono's high school nickname. The restaurant still maintains its inviting ambiance and serves a variety of delicious comfort foods. Their menu boasts mouth-watering dishes, such as the renowned fried chicken and weekend breakfasts that have become local favorites. 

Botski's is more than a restaurant; it's a legacy in the making. Over the years, it has grown into a beloved institution in Sioux Falls, where every guest is not just a customer but a part of Jono's extended family. As the keeper of local stories and shared histories, Botski’s has flourished into a community corner where newcomers are welcomed into the fold with the same warmth as the regulars who've been with us from the beginning. 

Through every challenge and triumph, one thing remains unchanged at Botski’s Bar & Grill: our commitment to making every moment you spend with us a chance to be part of our shared story. With the support of our cherished community, we continue to thrive, holding onto the spirit of resilience and generosity that Jono embodied.

Preserving Botski's Legacy

The only clue that a popular neighborhood bar on the east side of Sioux Falls has new owners might be the red University of Oklahoma table. It’s one of few changes that the Sooners fan, Bobby Kramer, made after he and his wife, Theresa Flannery Kramer, bought Botski’s Bar & Grill at 1914 S. Sycamore Ave. last fall.

That and replacing the boxed wine with bottled wine and adding wine glasses. Flannery Kramer, after all, is the owner of Ode to Food and Drinks, the downtown restaurant overlooking the Big Sioux River from the original Cherapa Place building. “Nothing fancy or intimidating,” she notes. “It’s not a huge wine list, but yeah, there is some better wine.”The atmosphere created by original owner Jon “Jono” Bot remains the same: a small sports bar – it seats 50 people — where cold beer, fried chicken and weekend breakfasts draw regulars...

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